Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1, 2008

Item #1: Day 17 of 30, veggies with dinner. We were in separate places for dinner -- H had leftovers from last night, replete with spinach & tomatoes, and I made sure to have a salad with my meal while out with my best bud. Triumph!

Item #40: I played for 9,000 more grains of rice. That's right. Nine thousand. Go, me!

Item #80: I made 3 more bars of soap. Green ones, Chinese themed. Come and get one, Kim! Maybe I'll just bring it with me to class tomorrow morning!

I somehow thought we did more, but I guess it was just wishful thinking. Oh, yeah ... we were going to go for a walk, but we rearranged things so we'll walk on both Saturday & Sunday. Let's hope the weather cooperates!


Bethany said...

You are over halfway through your vegetables! Congratulations!

Thank you for the warm welcome on my 101 post!

kimz said...

Great job on the veggies... counting down now. :P
Who'd ya go out with? J?
NINE THOUSAND grains of rice, wo! So what vocab level are ya at? Must be getting pretty smart over there. ;)
Thanks for the soap!!
Did you like class?