Saturday, May 17, 2008

May 17, 2008

Item #58: Our 6th (and final) week of walking is almost over. We went for another walk in the Arboretum, and loved seeing all the greenery! One more walk, on Tuesday, and we are officially done with this item. It cannot come soon enough for H. I'll miss our walks, though!

Item #80: My parents are visiting & they are taking some miniature soaps with them, to send along in a care package to Russia. Woot!

Item #88: Last Saturday we washed, vacuumed, and wiped down H's car. Today we did mine! And we also put air in my tires. Holy cow, my car handles like a dream now. Here's my baby, all shiny and clean. She's got more than 175,000 miles on her ... and she'll turn 15 in August, but so far, so good! *knock on wood*


Sherrie said...

Hey, I had that same Saturn (in the "plum" color) for many years, until I traded it in for a Saturn Vue- big mistake! The old SL's were so dependable and the Vue has turned out to be quite the lemon! I wish I had my old '93 SL1 back, they are great little cars.

kimz said...

She looks so shiny and cleannnnn. Did you have a name for her btw? One friend named all her cars... never will forget "Ronda" the Honda.

Leah said...

Beautiful pictures! :)