Thursday, May 8, 2008

May 8, 2008

Item #1: Day 24 of veggies. We both had baby carrots. We are also getting sick of carrots. H has also admitted he is sick of vegetables. We are looking forward to a night of no vegetables. I think I have to look on the calender, find day 31 & plan on no veggies. At all. Whatsoever.

Item #58: We both did our walking today, at the Morton Arboretum. Wow. It was just gorgeous. We took lots of photos. And we would've taken more if it hadn't turned out that the "spare" batteries (as we had suspected & feared) were actually mostly-dead old batteries that should've been pitched. Ah, the dangers of using our camera so much in so many locations we don't keep good track of these little details. Anyway, we got lots of pictures of crabapple trees & awesome flowers that lined the little hiking trail we took.

And, as we rounded a bend, there was a deer, just hanging out. It, of course, fled when it deemed we were close enough to be a danger...but how cool is that?Item #40: As mentioned below, H played for another 2,000 grains of rice!

Item #62: Day #3 (of 14) of getting 8 hours of sleep at night. Again, we are struggling to go to bed "early"!

Item #75: We went to the Arboretum for the 2nd month in a row. Our goal is to go every single month for a year. So, we're at 2 of 12. *grin*

Item #101: I put the bags of clothes into my car. I plan on dropping them off at a different charity in the next couple of days. Annoying!

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kimz said...

You're cracking me up... sick of baby carrots. :P
Good job on your hard work!
Can we go to the Arboretum for lunch on my turn?,2,1