Monday, September 13, 2010

September 13, 2010

It's a long overdue update!! We've been quite preoccupied with the process of shifting our adoption plans to work with a new agency. More expensive, but also hopefully a higher degree of success. If you're so inclined, help us fund the adoption through purchasing an item in one of our online auctions or sales:

my eBay store (stamps, some gaming items, a silk scarf)
My store (books, movies, music, games) -- I've now got over 500 items for sale! YAY!
My storefront (books) -- I've got over 30 items for sale, now.

Okay, back to our 101 list!

#32 - we've stalled out on paying off a credit card, as all of our money is being funneled into the new adoption process. Hopefully we can still get this item done!

#38 - H is now saying he really doesn't have any interest in this item. His mom was talking it up big time when we put it on the list, but now it doesn't hold as much appeal to us. We still might see it in October if we're already in Milwaukee, though.

#39 - We canceled our plans for a weekend getaway ... saving those pennies ... so this one may not work out after all.

#61 - We've signed up for a class at a fabulous restaurant, in December!

#81 - we have 1.5 bottles of body wash/shower gel left, but all of the lotion is gone!

#94 - we're calling this one done. I finally got someone who had some closet know-how to look at it & install the rollers. It's still not fixed to my satisfaction, but we're now learning that the way the thing was hung in the first place may be the problem!!

#97 - new winter coats may loom on the horizon ... but if I lose another 20 pounds, I may fit into the gorgeous long brown, hooded coat gifted to me by a friend! I'll count that as "new" to me, IF I can wear it with a sweater underneath & button it closed comfortably!!