Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May 6, 2008

Item #1: Day 22 of veggies. Only a few more days to go. I had salad. Yippee. So did H. I am sooooo tired of vegetables, but I am just hanging in there.

Item #62: We both got 8 hours of sleep last night. And we plan on doing what we did last night -- off to bed by 10:30 pm, which is why I'm doing this now, so I can shut down the computer & be that much closer to being wound down.

Item #101: The charity will pick up the bags tomorrow ... so I am bagging it all up tonight. We managed, between tonight & today to go through all of our clothes & decide what to keep & what to donate. There was nothing we wanted to sell or throw away.


kimz said...

Wow! You went through those clothes fast! Good job. Hang in there the vegetable torture is almost over. It's not THAT bad really is it?

Bethany said...

I agree, you went through those clothes fast! And you got enough sleep too!