Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April 30, 2008

Okay, here we go...!

Item #1: We had spinach tossed in with our pasta, so we are both happy to count that as our veggie with dinner. It wasn't too bad.

Item #40: H played for 300 more grains, so we are up to 20,600...long way to go, but we have plenty of time!

Item #54: Those voicemails paid off ... I heard back from the dance studio & after ruling out about 14 days in May, we finally hit about a day in June to have our lesson!

If it weren't cheating, I'd give myself credit for #80 and #85 by sending a box with some soapmaking supplies to an online buddy who expressed interest in the hobby. But I know it's cheating -- both because I can't say I "used" the supplies today ... and also the package isn't exactly "random". *grin*


Anonymous said...

I totally think you should be able to count that! Thanks Susanne, I really appreciate it :)

I'm just putting the finishing touches on my own 101 list, I'm about 20 shy of the 101 at the moment. It's hard coming up with things!

Haeleth said...

Don't forget the tomatoes too that your husband lovingly pureed for you :) for item #1

kimz said...

I think that should totally count for those two! Great job to be hitting those half-way marks!!