Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 7, 2008

Item #1: Day 23 of veggies. We both had salad. H reports he's really sick of salad. Too bad we have more salad in the fridge to be eaten. *sigh* Not far now ...

Item #58: We both did our walking today, just separately, at different times, but we wanted to get our weekly quota in. Thus endeth week number 4. On to weeks 5 and 6!

Item #62: Day #2 (of 14) of getting 8 hours of sleep at night. Again, it's 9:30 & I am trying to wrap up my day. It's very hard. I got home from work just 1 hour and 15 minutes ago!

Item #81: I have begun the process of gathering all of our "lotions & potions," as my Aunt Mary Ann says, in one place. We've gotten many things as gifts & collected souvenirs from hotels, and bought things that just smelled too good to pass up. I am bound and determined that we use it all up before we buy more!

Item #101: The charity did not pick up the bags. I am so freakin' annoyed with them. Their postcard says they need to be clearly visible from the street (they are), clearly marked for them (they are), and they will be picked up rain or shine (as of 9 pm, they're not). This is what happened last time with this charity (St Vincent De Paul, by the way). If they're still there in the morning, I'm chucking them in my trunk & giving them to someone else, dammit.


Sherrie said...

Oh my goodness, your goal #81 would be a HUGE challenge for me. I am completely addicted to scented lotions, body washes, etc. I make huge orders from Yves Rocher, Burts Bees and Bath and Body Works like 4 times a year each. (And I don't even wear makeup- I just love the smell of all those concoctions!) You are a braver (wo)man than me! I'm still considering joining this 101 challenges thing...I'll seriously get on making a list of 101 once school is out in three weeks.

kimz said...

You see those collection boxes (for clothes and shoes) springing up all over the place... but when I finally remember to bring stuff with me the one I was heading to is GONE and I'm stuck driving around for another one. *sigh* Did you notice DGParks had a bin for shoes? Well, it's prolly gone now anyway. :S
Good job on all your hard work you two!!

Cassandra said...

Hi. Your goal no.81 sounds very interesting & useful. I've also been trying to sort out my cosmetics (lotions, body washes etc) that are waaaaayy too many. Recently I did a huge clear-up & it was so cathartic. I highly recommend it!
Good luck with your goals. It seems you're doing very well.