Saturday, May 3, 2008

May 3, 2008

Item #1: H subbed green beans & carrots for his fries ... and I had a giant salad, so we both got our veggies in with dinner.

Item #58: We both got in walks today, separately. I went for 30 minutes & H went for 20. So we start week 4 of 6!

Item #78: COMPLETE! H is the proud owner of brand new glasses!

Item #99: We tried out Champps, a sports-bar type place that we'd not been to. It was ... okay. Our server alternated between being an eager beaver & being a total space cadet. The food was decent, but I don't know that I'd rush to go back there again. 28 more new restaurants left to visit!

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kimz said...

Way to go you two!!
It's fun to get new things... can't wait to see the glasses. :P

Bethany said...

It is not easy to sub veggies for fries, but it is admirable!

I hope you have better luck with one of the next new restaurants.