Sunday, May 11, 2008

May 11, 2008

Our list is much shorter than yesterday's! Very simply, here are our gains:

Item #1: Day 27/30 of life with vegetables, uh, I mean having vegetables with dinner. We are now trying to avoid vegetables at lunch because we know we'll have them with dinner. This may be backfiring a bit. As I mentioned before, we're getting sick of them.

Item #62: Sleep. Yup, we both got almost 9 hours last night, so we made our goal of 8. We're also getting better at going to bed close to 10:30 pm. Not bad, after a week, eh?

Item #81: Having our body scrubs/lotions/potions in plain sight is helping us remember to actually use them. I even unwrapped a fresh bar of soap & put it in the shower to replace the little sliver that was there. Comically, as I moved some washclothes & the stored shower-radio I found a half-used jar of body scrub, a half-bottle of hand soap, and a bar of soap. *sigh* Luckily, Kim is volunteering to take some Mango Body Wash off my hands. Thanks, Kim!

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kimz said...

It's multiplying!!!
You betcha... anytime hehehe