Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 24, 2010

Item #2: We are really missing some foods, now. Tortilla chips. Potato chips. French fries. Those are the big three. Not that we eat them a ton, but every week or two, it's nice to have 'em. We've discovered we aren't hankering for other fried foods, like fried chicken, fried fish, flautas or chimichangas. We'd rather have grilled chicken & fish, and our own homemade burritos or tacos!

Item #52: Last night we spent a chunk of time reading. We also made the mistake of going to Baker's Square on National Pie Day. The place was jammed ... and understaffed. Plus, the food was just tolerable. I think that as we consume fewer preservatives, we become less interested in food that's obviously been sitting around for quite some time. Either that or their quality has gone downhill seriously in the last 6-8 months!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 17, 2010

Item #2: We neatly avoided Lay's BBQ potato chips yesterday. I think we were kept in check only the realization that we're halfway through this item & didn't want to have to do a restart.

Item #52: 3rd Saturday with an evening of no computers & no TV. We had a great time. We chatted, listened to music, read books, worked on creative projects (scrapbooking & crocheting for me ... painting & drawing for H), ran some errands (we're now the proud owners of an electric tea kettle of sorts, in the wake of H's destruction of our stovetop model Friday night), and we tried out a new restaurant ...

Item #99: Our 24th new restaurant (of 30) ... Pompei! It wasn't what we were expecting, but it was good. It was arranged kind of like a Corner Bakery, with various stations of pre-made food. I was really hoping for a slice of pepperoni & sausage pizza, but there was none to be had, so I went with a chicken parmesan roll-up type thing. H had Chicken Vesuvius, which he declared delicious!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 10, 2010

Item #2: We made a special trip to the store so H would have BAKED tortilla chips to go with my sister-in-law's fabulous guacamole. We're almost a third of the way done with this item!

Item #52: Last night was an easy no-computer, no-TV kind of thing, as we were at my parents' house, where we rarely engage in such things. My mom was a sport, knowing all about our "101 List," and waited to get an iTunes tutorial until Sunday morning. It was quite nice to sit in the living room, with the lights off & the fireplace blazing, especially when it was -4 degrees outside. My clothes smelled like woodsmoke the next morning. Very homey. Makes me wish we had a fireplace of our own!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 3, 2010

Item #52: At the two hour mark, H was getting pretty twitchy, but at the end of the night, he proclaimed it had been quite nice to just do things that didn't require computers or TV. From 5 pm, until we went to sleep, we made soup, planned next week's menu, played Monopoly Deal, did dishes, made cookies, played with the cats, had hot cocoa & cookies, lounged in our robes & read. It was quite nice, indeed! Next Saturday, we'll be at my parents during most of that time period, and we typically just chat with them, listen to music, and read, anyway!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 2, 2010

First time I've typed out the date as 2010, there.

Item #2: We've agreed to make January the month that we have no deep fried fatty foods. No potato chips. No fries. No tortilla chips. Those are the usual culprits, but we'll be avoiding anything that's been immersed in fat.

Item #52: We talked about this item & decided to change it from Tuesday nights to Saturday nights, as the point of the item was for us to have time to do things with each other & very shortly, I may be working on Tuesday evening, which would kind of cause us to miss the whole point. As I am typing this, it is just now registering for H that it's BOTH no TV and no computer time, after 5 pm, until we go to sleep. This is going to be very interesting. We'll see how tonight goes.