Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28, 2010

Item #28: We are hosting our 11 year old nephew and 7 year old niece for Easter & are thinking of planning out an Easter Egg Hunt, which is just as good as a treasure hunt, in our considered options. If we can pull it off, we'll be done with this item!

Item #52: H is doing cartwheels to be done with this item. It was much harder for him than it was for me, to spend 1 evening a week without TV or computer. I tried to get him to agree to do #68 or#69 & he said, "No way! I'll pay the $5!" LOL!

Item #76: H's car is just about ready to give up the ghost. We're doing some test driving & research & will probably have this item checked off in the next couple of months.

Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22, 2010

Item #52: One Saturday night remaining, with no TV and no computers, and we have plans to take our good friend out for her birthday, so this'll be super easy. We've learned that barring ourselves from TV & computer does, indeed, encourage us to foster other skill sets & interests (making granola bars, looking through scrapbook albums, curling up together to read, etc.) ... but when we want to look up something, like weather or a movie time & use the TV or computer as a TOOL, that's when it really hurts!!

Item #85: I sent a 4th care package out today, this one to my cousin, Ava. She's keen to try her hand at scrapbooking, so I sent her a funky journal & a bunch of stuff to play with! This item is now DONE.

Item #99: We tried out The Patio. Which is our 30th and final new restaurant to try! It's been an interesting journey. About 1/4th of the restaurants we would actively seek out again ... but 2 of those have already closed, permanently! Just encourages us to CARPE DIEM!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

March 13th 2010

We tried Webber Grill today for lunch which is item #99 on our list. That makes 29 out of 30 new restaurants! Only 1 left!

The meal itself was so-so, the service was...well we weren't even acknowledged for the first 10 minutes of being seated, and then even though we were no longer looking at our menus, and they were placed at the farthest end of the table from us, the waitress still came over and said, "can I start you off with a drink, or give you more time to choose?" *sigh*.

Needless to say, we're not going to go back any time soon :P

ALSO tonight we we will be almost completed with item #52, as there will only be two weeks left!

Friday, March 5, 2010

March 3, 2010

Item #99: We tried Flat Top Grill. Food was great. Service was great. Rowdy noisy groups of tween and teen kids was not. Not the restaurant's fault. We'll go back when it's not peak hours, though, so we can actually hear ourselves converse. 2 more restaurants to go.

Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1, 2010

Item #52: We're making good progress with the no TV, no computer thing. We need to finish out the rest of the month, and we'll have this one checked off. It's interesting, seeing what kinds of things we do when we are forbidden from watching TV or doing stuff on the computer. It really does result in some new adventures and some quality time together!

Item #81: We are about 1 bottle away from using up all of our lotion. We still have a fair amount of body wash and shower gel. We now know just how much stuff we use in the course of an average year. It really isn't that much!!!

Item #97: Just waiting for cash flow hiccups to be resolved & then I think we're heading to Lands End to buy new winter coats!