Saturday, June 27, 2009

June 27, 2009

I wish I'd put an item on the list about having a garage sale. Those things are huge undertakings & today netted us $98. We'll mark everything half off & have it tomorrow for a few hours. More money for the adoption fund!

Item #40: We will probably not meet our goal, but I plug away anyway. 1,000 more grains of rice donated.

Item #57: We've actually put this on the calendar: to eat only food we've made from scratch for 2 weeks. We had a discussion about what our intent was and what we meant by our goal. So, we'll be doing our own cooking -- but it can be as simple as slicing up fruit or cooking some veggies. We'll also be trying to buy food as locally as possible. And we've decided that a single step of "from scratch" is okay -- if someone else has made it by scratch and it'd be pretty hard for us to do it, that's fine. Also, we're not making condiments from scratch. So, this'll happen during the second half of August. Stay tuned!

Item #99: I've got my eye on a new restaurant I want to try. But for the next several weeks, we are saving our pennies until our next vacation, which will allow us to check off another item off our list!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

June 20, 2009

Item #31: I forgot to mention it, but my parents gave me an awesome book on baking bread for my birthday about a month ago. I hope to start trying bread recipes in it & find one we love. Just not when it's 90 degrees outside. Using oven is bad when 90 degrees outside.

Item #44
: Despite some bugs trying to eat holes in it ... and 70 mph winds that knocked down
many tree branches around town, our basil is thriving. Yay!

Item #86: Guess what you can get for $40 at our farmers' market? A beaded bracelet for a friend's birthday (I want one, now!!!!), 10 cookies, 2 mini-flatbread-pizza type things, a package of pita bread, a pound of bacon, a quart of strawberries (YUM!), a bag of caramel corn, and 2 tomatoes. Not bad, eh? This makes visit #5 of 10.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

June 14, 2009

See, we've not disappeared!!!

First of all, for all you 101 in 1001 folks, if you have not yet seen Up, a film by Disney-Pixar, you should. Check it out here.

Now, onto the list.

Today we are planning on accomplishing Item #21 (fix hole in wall and put in sword anchors) today, and trying Item #92 (put numbers on house). Our basil plants are coming along nicely for Item #44 (grow basil & make pesto out of it). Our driveway should be redone (Item #70) by the end of the summer. And we're making great headway on Item #81 ... we've still got lots of bar soap & body wash left, but we are on our last bottle of lotion, and have used up all of the shampoo & conditioner. We're also on our last bottles of hand-soap.

Life is good.