Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May 13, 2008

Item #1: Day 29/30 of having vegetables with dinner. We went to Sweet Tomatoes & had giant salads. One more day. We can do this!

Item #58: SCORE! We've now completed week #5 of 6, with our 20 minute walk down to the neighborhood park & back. I was moving slow, after my tai chi/yoga/sword/Nia/elliptical training/walking I did this morning for a total of 2 hours. My feet ache so badly. H did the 20 minutes with only 2 stops, which is a new record for him. GO, H!!! Love ya, babe!

Item #62: Day 8/14 of 8 hours of sleep at night. H wasn't sleepy at 10:30 pm, but he came to bed anyway & fell asleep without too much of a fight.

Item #100: I forgot to mention yesterday that last night we looked at the Olympus FE-310, which seems like it might meet our needs for a lightweight point & shoot. We tried some with a 3X zoom, but we are so spoiled with our SLR that has a 10X, I just don't know if we can handle the 3Xs, and this one has a 5X, which is an improvement. It has an ISO of 640, though, which worries me a tad ... but then again, we don't do a ton of really low light shots.

Item #101: I finally dropped off the donations! Go, me!

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