Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May 14, 2008

Item #1: COMPLETE! HALLELUJAH!!!!!! 'nuff said!
See? The vegetable crispers are EMPTY. Yeah, I need to clean them, but hey ... EMPTY. As in NO VEGGIES IN SIGHT!! WOO HOO!!

Item #40: Slowly but surely. H played for 320 more grains of rice on

I am thinking. Just THINKING of joining Bethany in her giving up sugar for a month. Just not right now.


Bethany said...

The empty crispers are quite the touch!

You ate all those vegetables for a month and survived - going without sugar shouldn't be that hard, eh?

kimz said...

Empty vegetable crispers huh? hehehe
Okay if you AND Bethany are giving up sugar... I'm gonna feel really guilty about what I eat.