Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May 20, 2008

Item #58: H is going a huge happy dance ... because We are finally done with our 6 week walking!!!! I would be happy to continue, but he is just dreading it, so we'll count this one completed & leave it at that! *big grin*


kimz said...

maybe this one will be like the veggie thing... you don't have to but will find yourselves doing it anyway. ;)

Jan said...

Awesome!! Congrats!

Shanti said...

Congrats!!! btw, my site is down so I've lost ALL of my entries that I posted on my completed task. It sucks :( so I would have to start over again. *sigh* Ooh, I know what task to add to my list... sign up to Blogger so this doesn't happen again... lol