Friday, April 25, 2008

April 25, 2008

Today feels like it just raced on by! And we expect the weekend to do the same!

Item #1: In addition to having red bell pepper, onion, and peas IN our dinner, we had corn on the side. Day 11 of veggies with dinner -- success!

Item #61: I looked in the park district brochure I received in today's mail. No cooking classes. We'll have to look elsewhere!

Item #89: The park district has individual music lessons for kids ... and specifically mentions banjo. Maybe there's a lead in there somewhere.

I am loving all of this purposeful & intentional living. It helps us keep eyes peeled for opportunities to grow!


kimz said...

I'm glad ur enjoying this! too. :P
Ur doing so great on your #1 thing!!
Was going to suggest the Park District's 5&10 miler... I got a flier to volunteer for it in with my paycheck... but you covered that one.
How about ZUMBA for #54? We are having it at Bally on Wednesday nights.
The Oriental Market down by route 83 used to have cooking lessons/demonstrations... maybe Trader Joe's too!
Oh… remember when we went to that “Country” dance class? …might still have his card if ya want me to look?

Karla said...

I totally agree about the "purposeful and intentional living". I totally did that while I was studying in Japan and it became one of the most memorable years of my life. I've been having fun where I currently am, but I want to do more, and the list is perfect for that. Great list!