Thursday, April 17, 2008

April 17, 2008

Item #1: H had my lunch leftovers, swimming with vegetables ... I had a side salad (see below) with my chili at Steak N Shake. And I decided I was still hungry & got some fries. But I will not pretend that french fries qualify as a vegetable. *grin*

Item #40: H played for another 3,500 grains of rice today. WTG, honey!!!!

Item #41: If reevaluating 5 foods at lunch was not enough, my salad at Steak N Shake had chopped green bell peppers on it. Which I am confident I do not like. However, I ate them anyway. As with most of the foods I've been reevaluating, I will put raw, chopped green bell peppers in the "tolerable" category. I will not, however, be letting them contaminate any cooked items (pizza, stir fry, etc.) any time in the near future. They have too much of a bitter "bite" for me to enjoy them.

Item #58: We are off & walking, into week #2 of 7. We both walked 20 minutes today & plan on doing another 20 minutes on Saturday. GO US!!!

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kz43 said...

So you no longer count ff as three vegies?