Sunday, April 27, 2008

April 27, 2008

Item #1: I actually had a very late lunch, so late it was almost dinner, but it was virtually vegetable-less. Unless you count baked beans, which I don't. So, 3 hours later, I had "dinner", which had peas & carrots & bell peppers & onions in it. H had some leftover salad. Mission accomplished! Day 13 of 30!

Item #58: We went for a 10 minute walk, at which point H begged off & we decided to walk 10 minutes tomorrow, instead. Hey, as long as it adds up to an hour a week, we're good. And we're planning on walking on Tuesday for 20 minutes, which will make our hour in time for week #3 to wrap up. We're golden.

Item #63: We attended an adoption seminar today, at Journeys of the Heart. It answered a bunch of questions. And raised a ton more. We've decided to attend 2 more, given by different agencies, just to get more of a feel for our options. Once we've done those and done more talking and soul-searching, we'll decide what our next step is.

Item #80: I pulled out all of my soapmaking supplies. I really do have a lot of fun doing this, but I think I've made soap for just about every person I know, and at some point, people just have enough soap, know what I mean? *grin* So, I am just going to make up this last batch, with the supplies I have on hand (probably enough for 20-25 bars), and then shelve the supplies for a couple of years until I get some new recipes or molds or some new spark of interest. If anyone wants some soap, let me know! I'll try to send some your way -- cocoa butter or glycerin? Or if anyone's got some good recipes for including herbs or exfoliants, let me know. I am thinking about getting experimental with some dried lavender I have, as well as with grinding up some oatmeal. Who knows? It might work!

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kimz said...

great work checking stuff off! I can't wait to hear all about your day. :D
and YES I need more soap... both kinds plz... and da bathroom is green and sand colors now thx vry much! hehehe