Saturday, April 19, 2008

April 19, 2008

Item #1: Yes, more veggies. 2 salads with dinner, at Sweet Tomatoes. They make it so easy.

Item #23: Thanks to my very good friend, Kim, my exercise ball is now inflated to its proper size. It's been slowly deflating for, uh, years, to the point that now I want to use it at home, it was pretty much useless. She offered to come over and inflate it (isn't that sweet???!), but the timing was bad, so I ran over to her house several hours later & now it is done. Awesome! You rock, Kim!

Item #41: Beets ... THUMBS DOWN. I don't care that others said they were bad beets. They were still icky. One step up from tomatoes in my book. Maybe half a step. H tried cooked cabbage, which he said he doesn't like. I never got the final verdict on that, but he did eat it.


kz43 said...

awwww thx! and WTG! that's the old site... here's my new link...

Sherrie said...

Beets are number one on my list of disgusting foods- I can't even look at them, let alone eat them. Ditto for tomatos, isn't that odd? Congrats on the progress you are making on these challenges. I'm thinking about joining in and doing a list myself, we'll see!