Thursday, April 10, 2008

April 10, 2008

This is our first day & we are making some progress on the master list.

Item #40: I played for 1,000 grains of free rice through
Item #41: My brave sweetheart tried lentils, which he knows he loathes. He has announced that when put in soup with spicy goodness, they are tolerable. He is going to struggle to find 10 foods he knows he doesn't like. I, on the other hand, can find 100, easily. It will be a challenge for me, a real stretch, to try some of them again, too.
Item #58: The flip side of #41 ... not much of a stretch for me, but a huge stretch for my sweetie. We walked for 20 minutes around the track at the gym, 1/3rd of the way through our week's worth of walking-time. I pushed myself hard, to keep my heart rate up, but since I take hour-long cardio classes a few times a week, the walking wasn't brutal ... but my sweetie's not used to this much activity all compressed into one short burst, so he really struggled & was a trooper, and did his stretching afterwards. And then we treated ourselves to veggies galore at Sweet Tomatoes. *grin*

1 day down ... 1000 to go.

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Sherrie said...

Thank you, I'm totally hooked on freerice now...I donated 1700 grains over the last two days, can you add that to your total or is that cheating?