Monday, April 14, 2008

April 14, 2008

Item #71: COMPLETE! I didn't honestly think we'd have something crossed off our list in as few as 4 days, but as happenstance would have it (see 4/11 post), we now are the proud owners of a newly installed mailbox. I am ridiculously happy. It's nothing special, just our previous mailbox mounted on a new post ... but it now means we can have larger packages left in our mailbox & nothing squished, too. And we don't have an eyesore sitting in our front lawn. I am planning on picking up some self-adhesive reflector spots at the hardware store sometime soon, to make it even more pretty! Oh, and if anyone in the greater Chicagoland area needs any construction (or mailbox installing) done, I can highly recommend Barlar Construction!

Item #58: I also did 20 "extra" minutes of walking, in addition to my regular workout. My sweetie's going to have to play catch-up, now! We will both walk tomorrow & he will probably walk on Wednesday to round out the hour for the week.

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