Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April 29, 2008

We both had very long days & are extremely tired, so it is with especial pride that we log our accomplishments for the day:

Item #1: We both had subs, laden with lots and lots and lots of veggies. We are confident this meets our "veggies with dinner" requirement. We're on day 15/30 ... halfway there!

Item #40: As noted below, H played for more rice. *grin*

Item #58: Another halfway mark. We've finished our 3rd week of walking for an hour a week, of our 6 week goal! SA-WEET!!

Item #80: I made 5 bars of soap today, honey oatmeal. I gave 2 to Kim & 2 to H & kept one for me! It's kind of experimental, so I'll have to see if it turned out okay!

I think we're heading to bed early. I've got a mountain of paperwork that will just have to keep until tomorrow!

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kimz said...

You guys ROCK! Thanks for the soap... thinking I may have to take a bubble bath... let's see... maybe Sunday I'll have time. *sigh*