Thursday, June 5, 2008

June 5, 2008

Lots of fun progress today!

Item #17: More quality time with our cats. And they are loving it! *grin* And I'm going through lint roller sheets fast, with all the fur they're kicking up! Day 2 of 14.

Item #54: We took our dance lesson tonight. I had lots of fun & H admitted he did, too, so we scheduled another lesson for 2 weeks from now!

Item #59: It was with unmitigated glee that we plotted to pay for the people behind us at the drive-through at our favorite ice cream place. The clerk had no problem with our request & said he'd let the people know we'd paid for their ice cream! Totally fun!!!


Cassandra said...

The dance lesson sounds fantastic. May I ask- what kind of dance? My partner doesn't like dancing at all, unfortunately, and so that's something I really miss doing...

Marni said...

Dance lessons sound awesome. I wish I could get my man to dance. Then again, I've seen him try a couple times ... maybe it's best he doesn't. LOL Have lots of fun with this one!

Bethany said...

Did H want to take dance lessons as much as you did? If not, how did you get him to agree to them?

I could use some helpful hints!