Thursday, June 19, 2008

June 19, 2008

Item #55: Day 3 without soda. 4 more days to go. We're discovering that it's kind of a bummer not to have soda on hand to offer guests, but, hey, it's only for a few more days. Oddly enough, after working outside, dripping with sweat for an hour, I really didn't want a soda -- tall cool lemonade, yes. Large glass of water, yes. Sweetened iced tea, yes. Soda, no! Here's the results of my hard labor:Item #64: We said we wanted to "grow something". Well, in the above photo are a tomato plant, an oregano plant, a daisy, and 2 coreopsis plants. There are also lots and lots of zinnia seeds hiding underneath the layer of dirt. I'm not quite sure how we'll decide if we've successfully completed this item. I think maybe if they're all still alive in 2 weeks, it'll count. *grin* So, check back on July 3rd to see how we're doing!

Item #72: It's not much, but I got a $10 rebate check, so I put it right into a savings account. Only $990 to go! *laugh*

Item #74: H needed to get his car attended to & asked for the credit card, but didn't use it, because I'd squirreled away some money for contingencies, so we didn't even have to dig it out!

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