Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 10, 2008

Item #17: I'm about to go spend more time with the cats. They're following us around more and more. I fear one of them will trip me up.

Item #99: We were forced to try a new restaurant, Carrabba's, because the one we intended to take H's mom to, for her birthday (the one we thought might be our new favorite and that we wanted to share with a dozen people), was closed, permanently! We were just there on 5/23 ... and apparently since then, they ended business. Frustrating and sad, all wrapped up into one! We did like Carrabba's, even if the waiter was less than stellar. We may go back.

Hey. I just remembered, H's mom took us to a new local restaurant (the Islamorada Fish Company) on 6/1, which was utterly forgettable, attached to a Bass Pro Shop (no kidding! She'd been to 2 that were stellar, but this location was a dud!), so that counts towards #99 as well!

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