Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June 18, 2008

Item #40: I made it to level 48 on, plus I played for 5,000 grains of rice, bringing our total to 45,000! H informed me at lunch that he played for 1,200 grains yesterday, too ... so we're up to 46,200!

Item #55: Day 2/7 without soda. I wanted a caffeine free diet coke tonight, when I was baking ... but otherwise, haven't had any interest in it. I'll need to remember not to have any while out at lunch and dinner tomorrow! H said he's getting a bit tired of "mountain spring water," but he's started digging into the Arizona tea, so he's got some variety. We also both had Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade with dinner ... so I should probably make up another batch of that, since we're liking it.

Gotta go get out the toffee biscotti from the oven & put a glaze on the lime-coconut-banana bread!

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Chelsea said...

Thanks! I remember looking at yours when I was making mine, and thought it was awesome that you guys are doing a list as a couple! Best of wishes!