Sunday, June 22, 2008

June 22, 2008

Item #49: We grabbed an opportunity & went for a picnic breakfast in a secluded spot. And by secluded, I mean we saw 2 people over the course of about 40 minutes. Countless mosquitoes, mind you, but only 2 people. We think "secluded" is code to mosquitoes for "easy targets." We splashed on some bug spray (okay, not really spray, as the nozzle jammed, but we slopped it on, anyway), and we were left in peace. We had a really gorgeous views of blue sky and verdant forests and meadows. And a couple of butterflies (see below) came back over and over to visit us. With their wings open, they are a brilliant orange with brown spots, but we could only get good shots of them with wings folded. Nice camouflage, eh?Item #55: Day 6 of 7, without soda. We are definitely looking forward to Tuesday. *smile* We have purchased soda, but it sits, warm, in the garage until then. We, again, wanted to have soda on hand to offer houseguests, but made iced tea instead, which they said they enjoyed. They were also rather impressed with our goal.

Item #75: We went for our "June" visit to the Arboretum today ... and this tree was blooming & smelled divine. It was in the section marked "Olive Family" (as well as many other places -- we could find it rapidly if we used our noses), but I have yet to suss out what it is. Anyone have any ideas?

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Amy said...

#23 on my list is to give up caffeine for 60 days. I should have done it your way and gone for only a week. I'm DREADING that one.