Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June 17, 2008

Item #17: This is the last day of spending 20 minutes a day giving our cats TLC. Somewhat amusingly, they're pretty much totally ignoring us. I predict as soon as we stop trying to give them attention, they'll be trying to trip us up for more attention!

Item #40: We are trying to play for rice more often, realizing that if we don't get in about 1,000 grains of rice a day, we won't make our 1,000,000 total!

Item #55: First day of a week with no soda. It's not too hard so far ... but I suspect it will be. I had lemonade at lunch & H had water. At dinner, we had water. I had iced tea mid-afternoon. I bought several different kinds of non-carbonated beverages at the grocery store this afternoon, so that should help.

Item #84: I neglected to mention that my mom & dad brought up their ravioli maker/form over the weekend so we can complete this item. Is that cool or what?!

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