Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 8, 2008

Item #25: We did it! We did it! H took a mulligan tonight at the grocery store & I told him to be silent for the rest of the night, so as not to ruin our chances! LOL! I suggested we tackle Item #42, and he says he wants to hold off until Sunday, when we'll tackle Item #53, as well, which he thinks improves our chances for #42!

Item #40: I played for more rice today, bringing our total to 50,000 grains! Only 950,000 to go!!!

Item #81: We've been using up lotions, soaps, body gels, etc., and I'd swear we're not making a dent! I am planning on taking a photo in a month or so, just to compare it to the one from the post on May 10th!

edit: Okay, I feel better about Item #81. We'd been pulling things out from shelves kind of randomly & actually we're using things up at a decent rate! Of the 2 "medicine" cabinets, only the larger stash remains ... and the shelf in the closet is down by about 1/5th!


Marni said...

You seem to collect bath and body products like I collect crafting and art supplies. I've been doing the same thing - trying to use what I have on hand instead of constantly buying new materials. I had forgotten I had a lot of this stuff. It's kind-of fun! :)

Sounds like you guys are doing great! I'm looking forward to seeing the new photo showing the progress you've made.

kimz said...

Trying to catch up and read some blogs here... you guys are cracking me up with the attempts you've made... thinking the "S" word would be especially hard for me as well... it was the first naughty word Caitlyn uttered and I know just where she got it from (blush). Great job at lasting! ;) Jammie day sounds fun. :D