Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 10, 2008

Well, here you can see some of the progress we've made on Item #81. We had a closet shelf & 2 medicine cabinets with bath/body stuff ... now the closet shelf is noticeably less (left is "before" and right is "after"), and we've pared down to just a single medicine cabinet of stuff. I'm making a serious effort to use some body lotion every day! It's all nice stuff, so it's quite luxurious, a fun treat, but we just forget about it if it's not in plain sight!


Babsy said...

I always feel guilty using my nice soaps and lotions. Isn't that silly?

What a good goal!

Lis said...

Let the pampering begin! Good for you using your yumm-o-licious bath and body items!

Marni said...

Nice work! And nice planning a goal that can be reached while pampering yourself. That's smart. :)