Friday, September 12, 2008

September 12, 2008

Item #29: We're on Day #26 of life without fast food. For the first time in ages, I had another temptation today, but I fought it off easily. We are so close to the end of our month, I didn't want to blow it!

Item #33: I have all the ingredients to make cinnamon rolls ... maybe we'll be able to make them this weekend!

Item #51: The scale at the gym says that H's lost 4 pounds & so have I! I don't believe my readings, though, because my first weigh-in was post-breakfast, post-2-waters, and post-workout, so I don't know how reliable the reading was. Still, if my home scale's anything to go by, I think I've lost 1-2 pounds, which is good.

Item #74: Money is tight (just an ebb-and-flow thing with my job), and it is awfully tempting to put something on a credit card and "just pay it off later," but we are sticking by our plan to not put anything on a credit card except travel expenses & emergencies ... like the string of vet visits we just dealt with!

Item #81: I am doing my damndest to use up this soap/body care stuff, and it just seems never ending. The shampoo is almost all gone ... what we have surfeit of is body wash (neither one of us seems to be a huge fan of this stuff!) & lotion. And bars of soap, thanks to Item #80. I have to say, I will be stunned if we actually accomplish this item at the end of 1001 days.

Item #90: In keeping with #81, I thought about creating an item for our next list (yes, I am thinking that far ahead) to use up all of our tea before buying more, because we seem to have so much of it, but I've been making a serious effort to make iced tea for H, and also to make us both a cup of hot tea a couple times a week, and our tea supply is starting to dwindle. I am looking forward to polishing off a couple more tins & then maybe this item will surface.

Item #95: It's far off in the future ... supposedly, but I am already thinking about our holiday shopping & what I want to buy/make people. We're sticking to a plan to spend no more than $50 on each other and $20 on each friend or family member for whom we choose to buy gifts!

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