Friday, December 31, 2010

December 31st, 2010

Well, we are closing in on the end of 2010 ... and we've got less than a week to go on our 101 list! So, here's a few updates:

Item #32: I've set everything in motion. We'll have a credit card paid off on Monday. We've not made as much progress as fast as I would've liked ... but then again, in the last 1001 days, we've had more than $20,000 in unexpected costs, between massive dental work & needing to add a national adoption agency into the mix. Did I mention the downpayment for a new car & a car payment every month for the first time in years? No wonder we're pinched tight! I want to take stock of where we are on our credit cards & choose another one to pay off & cut up!

Item #69: We've faithfully sat in the living room every day. Usually it's at night & accompanied by listening to music or to Black Jack Justice. If I'd been faster in the brainpan, I'd've been doing crocheting at the same time!

Item #81: We're ALMOST done with the last bottle of shower gel. Let me just say I will never EVER buy shower gel or body wash again. We just do NOT use the stuff. Soap works just fine, thank'ee. As often as we get the stuff in gift form, it's more than often enough!

Item #97: We'll see how much revenue comes in on Monday and Wednesday ... but given the fact I've drained the account dry to pull off Item #32, I don't think we'll be able to get H a new coat. Who knows? We'll see where things are at on Thursday!

We'll tally up the numbers when we wrap things up. And we're thinking about doing this again, but in a pared down version. Maybe 51 in 501. We kind of lost momentum at the half-way point, so we think if we halved it, we'd keep the energy moving. We'll also look over the things we didn't do, to determine if we still want to do them or if we're directing our lives elsewhere.

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