Thursday, January 1, 2009

January 1, 2009

Item #4: We are going to start this one, on Saturday & continue it through the end of February. We're planning on combining it with Item #99!

Item #21:
We may head to the hardware store this Sunday, to get enough spackle to do this job. Wish us luck.

Item #40: I just logged another 2,500 grains of rice. And made it to level 47 -- BEAT THAT! *grin* We are now at 68,980 grains. I have to come up with an average we need to make per day to reach our goal. I think it's still going to be an awful lot!!

Item #79: H took in a tin of caramels enrobed in dark chocolate and dusted with sea salt -- a corporate type gift I received at work that we'll never be able to (nor should we!) finish! So, that makes 5/5, and this item is done. Although we may continue it, just for fun!

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