Monday, October 6, 2008

October 6, 2008

Item #29: Although this item is complete, we are planning on continuing with a fast-food-no-more-often-than-once-a-month kind of thing. And we are resetting the clock tonight to day zero, because....

Item #100: We are trying Sarpino's Pizza tonight. It should be arriving soon. I hope.

Item #81: I didn't take all the little travel sized shampoos, conditioners, soaps & body lotions from our recent trip. We took ONE set, because we anticipated that subsequent overnight locations wouldn't have 'em. And we were mostly right. And we already used up the shampoo & conditioner ... so just brought home the half-used soap. 'Cause I hate wasting it. Maybe this is how I wound up in this predicament. *grin*

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Bethany said...

How was the pizza?

Now you will go another month without fast food?

I can relate to not wanting to waste something...seems more important now than ever.