Sunday, October 26, 2008

October 26, 2008

Item #79: I forgot to mention that on Friday I sent H into work with cupcakes. With fall sprinkles on them. I made a bunch of cupcakes for (1) a meeting on Friday morning (2) to share with my friend's kids and (3) to take to yesterday's get-together, so I figured I'd send the remainder to work. They were a big hit!

Item #99:
We tried Go Roma today (gosh, I love having coupons that let us try new restaurants at reduced rates!), and declared it very good! It's not a very posh spot, but the food was quite tasty (I had pizza on a whole wheat crust, so it was even moderately healthy!) and reasonably priced (even without a coupon!), and the decor quite appealing. Two thumbs up. And we now have another 19 new local restaurants to try!

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