Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 17, 2010

Item #2: We neatly avoided Lay's BBQ potato chips yesterday. I think we were kept in check only the realization that we're halfway through this item & didn't want to have to do a restart.

Item #52: 3rd Saturday with an evening of no computers & no TV. We had a great time. We chatted, listened to music, read books, worked on creative projects (scrapbooking & crocheting for me ... painting & drawing for H), ran some errands (we're now the proud owners of an electric tea kettle of sorts, in the wake of H's destruction of our stovetop model Friday night), and we tried out a new restaurant ...

Item #99: Our 24th new restaurant (of 30) ... Pompei! It wasn't what we were expecting, but it was good. It was arranged kind of like a Corner Bakery, with various stations of pre-made food. I was really hoping for a slice of pepperoni & sausage pizza, but there was none to be had, so I went with a chicken parmesan roll-up type thing. H had Chicken Vesuvius, which he declared delicious!

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