Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 27, 2009

Item #31: Considering we've made the same recipe six times ... I think we may be done with this one ... but I have several other bread recipes I want to try, so I am not going to cross this one off the list just yet!

Item #51: Although we already made our target goals of a 15 pound weight loss each, we are continuing to work on losing more. H has lost 30 ... and I have lost 20! We're going to keep it up, too! Feeling fabulous, looking good!

Item #86: Forgot to mention going to the farmers' market on the way down to my parents house. This goal is now done. But as above, we'll keep on going, until they close for the season! Lovin' it!

Item #95: We are establishing a holiday shopping budget, so we can stick within it. I think we'll do well with this one!

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Leslie said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog!!

I've only been to one Con and that was DragonCon in 2007. Had a lot of fun though XD Place was insanely packed of course - but still...

Guh - jealous of your Ren Faire going! Take me with you next time :p