Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 9, 2009

Item #52: We've both been working hard. I've lost 9 pounds so far. H has lost about 11, I think. It'd be awesome to reach our goal of each losing 15 pounds by the end of the summer!

Item #57
: We are gearing up for this & are using up lots of the processed food in the house. We are now having discussions, just like we had about "what exactly do we mean by "fast food" for Item #29, about what we mean by "from scratch." I mean we could make pasta from scratch ... using egg, flour and water ... but is it enough to do it from a box? And we could probably make our own peanut butter ... but is it worth it, considering how much we actually would use? My rule of thumb is that if it's a condiment, we don't have to make it from scratch. I am not repopulating our fridge door with homemade ketchup, mustard, mayo, pickle relish or salad dressing, unless I think we'll use it all up in that 2 week time span. But I do think we should make salsa from scratch, primarily because H rarely uses it as a condiment, but as a main course. It is a fascinating discussion!

Item #81: We used up the last of the body scrub! Now we just need to use up the last of the body lotions/creams/butters, the body wash, and the shower gels. The stockpile IS getting smaller!

Item #86: We went to the farmers' market again. And SCORED. A 10 lb box of blueberries for $25. That berry seller is awesome. We also have a "bucket" of peaches -- I don't know how many, maybe about 4 pounds/10 peaches. And 2 ears of corn. And celery. And 2 bell peppers. And kettle corn. And 4 tomatoes. And 4 potatoes. Yeah, there'll be some fine eating today. H made ribs last night, too. Oooooh. Mmmmm.

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