Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 11, 2009

Item #86: This makes trip number six of 10, to the farmer's market to buy produce. And other things. This morning, we spent $60 ($35 of which was H's birthday money from a month ago!). $32 went to a ten pound box of blueberries *drool* (that was H's big splurge). $3 for a package of pita. $4 for a small Greek oregano plant. $3.50 for caramel corn. $2 for a red bell pepper. $2 for miniature white potatoes. $2.50 for green beans. $3 for snap peas. $5 for berry scones. $2 for a giant tomato. 50 cents for green onions. 25 cents to feed our parking meter. 25 cents to feed a stranger's parking meter as a random act of kindness. Money well spent all around.

Item #87: We went to a friend's wedding last night ... so it was a perfect excuse to break out H's super nice dress shoes! We need to find 2 more reasons for him to wear them! They're really quite lovely & classic ... and he's got to wear a suit with them, and it's rare that he wears a suit! He cleans up awfully nice, though.

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