Saturday, June 27, 2009

June 27, 2009

I wish I'd put an item on the list about having a garage sale. Those things are huge undertakings & today netted us $98. We'll mark everything half off & have it tomorrow for a few hours. More money for the adoption fund!

Item #40: We will probably not meet our goal, but I plug away anyway. 1,000 more grains of rice donated.

Item #57: We've actually put this on the calendar: to eat only food we've made from scratch for 2 weeks. We had a discussion about what our intent was and what we meant by our goal. So, we'll be doing our own cooking -- but it can be as simple as slicing up fruit or cooking some veggies. We'll also be trying to buy food as locally as possible. And we've decided that a single step of "from scratch" is okay -- if someone else has made it by scratch and it'd be pretty hard for us to do it, that's fine. Also, we're not making condiments from scratch. So, this'll happen during the second half of August. Stay tuned!

Item #99: I've got my eye on a new restaurant I want to try. But for the next several weeks, we are saving our pennies until our next vacation, which will allow us to check off another item off our list!

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