Saturday, June 20, 2009

June 20, 2009

Item #31: I forgot to mention it, but my parents gave me an awesome book on baking bread for my birthday about a month ago. I hope to start trying bread recipes in it & find one we love. Just not when it's 90 degrees outside. Using oven is bad when 90 degrees outside.

Item #44
: Despite some bugs trying to eat holes in it ... and 70 mph winds that knocked down
many tree branches around town, our basil is thriving. Yay!

Item #86: Guess what you can get for $40 at our farmers' market? A beaded bracelet for a friend's birthday (I want one, now!!!!), 10 cookies, 2 mini-flatbread-pizza type things, a package of pita bread, a pound of bacon, a quart of strawberries (YUM!), a bag of caramel corn, and 2 tomatoes. Not bad, eh? This makes visit #5 of 10.

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