Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 25, 2010

We're looking at the remainder of our list & are contemplating
#9 - we didn't specify the type of cruise. Maybe a dinner cruise counts?
#32 - we are doggedly pursuing this one & hopefully will have it paid off in the fall
#38 - we may visit the museum on our way through Milwaukee in either August or October
#39 - turns out the B&B we were so fond of in Madison is full up during the time we wanted to book it, so we're thinking one in southern WI should count towards this item instead
#46 - the classes we thought were so cool aren't being offered anymore, so this may be a dead end!
#61 - we've found 5 places to take various cooking classes!
#81 - we have 1.5 bottles of body wash/shower gel left & 1.5 tubes of lotion left!!!
#87 - we tried to book an experience at the Ritz Carlton, but they were full up
#95 - we're making a LOT of jams, sauces, and pickles this summer, so we should be able to stick within our holiday budget!

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