Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 30th, 2009

Item #5: We're counting this one as done. We never formally set out to go through various recipes, but between cooking from scratch (Item #57) and hosting Cookie Day, we certainly went through a LOT of recipes!!

Item #31: The same kind of situation as above. I don't think we formally decided, but we did make the 5 Minutes to Artisan Bread Boule recipe many times, and I can see us doing this a lot in the future, too!

Item #45: This may be redundant, as H received another Cuisinart kitchen tool for Christmas. I am delegating responsibility to him to do an online search for Cuisinart blades & see if any of them would actually do anything unique, compared to what we've got access to, now!

Item #81: We are very close to using up our remaining lotion! We did get some more for Christmas, but I am bound and determined to use up what we already had in our possession, first!

When we do our annual review for New Year's, I think we'll probably sit down with our list & see what we want to tackle next. Maybe the item about no deep fried foods for a month, since we're already on a pretty healthy eating track! Winter might also be a good time to read the Bible or take a cooking class. We'll keep you all posted. I'm going to go update our master list online, now.

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