Saturday, February 14, 2009

February 14, 2009

Item #4: We're sticking to our plan to dine out with each other once every 2 weeks! And we've already got reservations for 2 weeks from today, which will complete this task!

Item #30: Earlier today, we were trying to decide which one of the following is our favorite: Cosi, Boudin SF, Go Roma, or LaBriola. We like each one of them for different reasons! Then, well, we went out to dinner ... see below ... and it is simply no contest. We've got a new favorite restaurant! We decided it must be our new favorite when we rapidly came up with about a dozen people we want to share it with!! The food was exquisite!

Item #99: Today, we tried TWO new restaurants! For lunch, we were at Cosi ... and for our Valentine's Day dinner, we went to Amber Cafe! Here's the review I gave Amber Cafe on We selected Amber Cafe for our Valentine's Day dinner celebration & were not disappointed in the least. Their 4 course prix-fixe menu was very reasonable and the food was absolutely outstanding. We did not feel rushed in the slightest, and the wait staff attended to our every need. We will return here soon. This restaurant isn't too far from our home (amusingly, it is about 10 blocks from where we used to reside, 6 years ago, shortly before they opened ... why, oh, why haven't we made the trek sooner???!) and for the quality of food, it is very reasonably priced. We dropped a lot on dinner tonight (special occasion, special menu, great wine for H), but we could enjoy a meal here for a lot less most evenings!

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Woo! I like this idea of 101 challenges. Maybe I can get some ideas here.